Billboard Charting Artist StaJe Releasing Masterpiece in New Single “UP”


We got first dibs on this release a few months ago and honestly we could not be more excited about announcing the release of this single. It gives you all the elements of Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, and a subtle taste of Prince all in one!

Mid last year StaJe released his debut single “Keisha” which quickly entered on the billboard charts top 100. After taking a listen to that track and listening to his up coming release of UP, we’re all wondered if this was actually the same artist. See, Keisha is full of southern melodic twang in a rap sequence. Due to our confusion we reached out to the artist himself and had a few questions for him.

“Is this indeed the same artist that released Keisha?”

StaJe “Yes”

“Well first and foremost, congrats on all your new found success. How did “UP” come about?”

StaJe “We all were in the studio; Me, Andy, Taylor, and Bobby. They started playing this dancehall track and told me to freestyle. So I first was like, nah man skip that one. They insisted that I at least try, so I did. Andy picked up my phone and went live on Instagram to obviously embarrass me. Ha, nah Andy’s a good guy. But I had a fan comment saying that I should actually write to this song! That it was amazing and she would play it everyday. So I went home and sat with the song for a couple days then came up with the hook and here we are today about it today.
Thankful to Kristiine for pushing me to finish it”

Grammy (Jake) “That’s so inspiring and amazing! Crazy how people you don’t know can come in your life and create memories that last forever. Is there a music video in the works?

StaJe “Absolutely! We are working with an extremely talented Special Effects make up artist Crista Llewellyn and her team. Also Moonman Ent. will be shooting the video. We have a lot in store for this one! It’s going to be epic.”

Grammy (Jake) We look forward to seeing this one!
Well StaJe we have one last question, why the change in your sound and music? I mean we love it don’t get me wrong but I’m sure people are going to wonder after they hear this track, why did you change?”

StaJe “I mean singing is who I am. I’ve grown up singing in the shower, singing to all my ex girls, and learning from watching my mom sing oldies. It’s just who I am. Rapping is fun and definitely for the culture but my true form of me is with R&B elements. I can actually feel the words and the instruments.”

Grammy (Jake) “Staje before we let you go we have one question for you. You think this could eventually be on our nomination list this year?

StaJe “Absolutely! With the help of my amazing managers Andy & Bobby and the visuals that Moonman Ent will be given us, anything can happen from here! Thank you to God because without him none of this is possible. Thank you to Fam Ent Kerttu Reggie Ronald Chris Angel Payne and everyone who has had my back over the years”

Grammy (Jake) “StaJe thank you for your time and we look forward to this release and the music video! This one will have a lot of people calling. We also hope we can have you in attendance at our next Grammy Ceremony.”

We had a great conversation with StaJe and hope we see this nominated as the year goes along. Its a good one! Until then, be on the look out for his new single “UP”! It will make you love music again!


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