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Pump up those levels of ‘dopamine’ also known as the feel good chemical, de-stress or bring back some of life’s best moments with a healthy dose of EDM or Electronic Dance Music. Whether you’re a die-hard EDM fiend or just new to the scene you’ve got to listen to ‘Jason and Spider’. Call them the ‘next big thing’ in the EDM underground universe. With beats that’ll get you up on your feet, rhythm that’ll escalate your adrenaline levels and a medley of melodies that’ll tug at your heartstrings, this duo are slowly, but surely making a mark.

The EDM duo have made quite a bold statement, having hosted episodes of Rock Harbor Radio and rose to fame after launching their very own live music venue  ‘Vbar Live’ and began hosting shows with comedian Ron White, Styx, Journey and others. The locus gained much attention after the pandemic and won over 400 million viewers last year and was the perfect podium to raise Jason and Spider to limelight.

A recent post on their website jasonandspider.com has a resident of Florida who became a Jason and Spider enthusiast overnight, describing her very first experience with the duo. She goes on to explain how the ‘rhythmic pumping’ of the music caused her soda to ‘dance like the vibrations caused by a T-Rex in the Jurassic Park movie’ and went on to compare Jason and Spider’s charisma to that of a magician casting a spell. She concludes that this underground party was one that she’d never forget because it was a gateway to normality post the Covid-19 pandemic and gave people a much needed boost with Jason and Spider’s entrancing energy and magical music.

Now Jason and Spider are onto bigger things and are soaring high after attracting millions of EDM enthusiasts on SoundCloud and enjoying a fandom of over 6 million active members on their fanclub. As of recent, the duo have been entertaining crowds of at least five thousand party-holics and are going big with three tour buses, 2 semi-trucks, neat equipment and a support crew to make sure everything goes as planned.

Jason and Spider are much loved for their EDM music that gives you ‘Swedish House Mafia’ feels, much like Avicii and Calvin Harris but is ignited by Jason and Spider’s  unique blend of sounds. The boys are focused on reaching audiences across America and have promised to incorporate top-notch Latin and Reggae collaborations. Their latest show at the ‘Icehouse’ in Kentucky was nothing short of mind-blowing.

After having experienced the right amounts of ice and spice through Jason and Spider’s high-octane Electronic Dance music numbers such as ‘No Way Home’, ‘Falling to Pieces’, ‘Fall Apart’ and ‘C’Mon Baby’ their friends have nothing but lots of wonderful things to say. A review from Las Vegas read “The crowd goes wild with excitement and the energy is stellar!” Another statement from DJ Mag Online quoted “Jason and Spider produce a fierce and entertaining show”. Music Mag writes, “The underground is unleashing a Dragon—called Jason and Spider”.   ‘Jason and Spider’ are also ranked 10th in The globe on Pollstar. Undoubtedly the EDM underground artists have created a buzzing electricity that’s left millions attracted to the magnetism and has them simply craving for more.

The boys have managed to keep their identities anonymous for the past year, however they’ve decided to make the big reveal to please their die-hard fans. To add to the excitement, the duo is also gearing up for a globetrotting tour covering Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, England, Hungary and Netherlands that is set to kick off on the 3rd of December. With tickets already sold out for the regions of Sweden, Finland and England the duo can expect a great crowd turnup. For more updates on shows and information on ticket availability follow Jason and Spider on Social media and keep track of the duo’s ins and outs by visiting their website where you can also purchase merchandise such as Jason and Spider stickers.

“There are people who play records and there are DJ’s who blow minds”.

~Eddie Halliwell~and it’s more than apparent that Jason and Spider belong to the latter group. They’re the type who hits the right keys so that when the bass drops so do your problems. What they are trying to create is an emotional connection between the evoking sounds they generate and their ardent listeners. Sometimes their music’s got you swaying, at times it gets your feet tapping and when it nears its end, you find yourself calling out with the crowd “encore!”. If you’ve had a hard day, need a walk down memory lane or simply need some company for your wine time headover to SoundCloud or Jason and Spider’s official website and gain instant access to their hits and latest releases. Speaking with almost 900 more fans, over the past month, revealed the truth about Jason and Spider, if you haven’t been to their show, you are missing out. Comments such as,  ” it was orgasmic”, “they are FIRE” and ” Jason and Spider take me to a dope place where life is good”, spewed from the fans as they left some of the secret shows. Why not a public 30,000 seat venue every night for such an amazingly talented duo? Why the secret shows? “Jason and Spider are a different breed, they believe in the whole package of music and mystery. They are the definition of underground crusaders and even though they play some public venues and have a public tour in mind for the future, Jason and Spider will not give up their love of the underground scene. I guarantee each public show will have some underground element.” said tour liaison, Nalia Bauer.

Reverb Online describes Jason and Spider as “The most dynamic Duo in EDM today!” And the duo’s frowning fanbase wouldn’t agree more. EDM has revolutionized over time and is a genre that’s a crowd pleaser provided that the EDM artists exert the much needed energy to stir up a vibrant ambience. Big fish like Martin Garrix, David Guetta and others have engraved their names in the EDM books, but there’s always room for fresh talent. Especially promising talent, such as the likes of Jason and Spider.

Besides the duo’s latest releases like ‘Smooth Kitty’, ‘Do This’, ‘Electricity’ and more, Jason and Spider admirers are eagerly awaiting the ‘unleashing of the dragons’ to catch sight of the faces behind the enthralling EDM and of course the artist’s first ever world tour after which ‘Jason and Spider’ are bound to make headlines in various music magazines. What’s thrilling is to watch how far they can go after seeing how far they’ve come in such a short span of time. They’ve given EDM enthusiasts a lot to look forward to in terms of redefining EDM by adding plenty of zing but not taking away too much from the core of Electronic Dance Music.

By: Simon Grant


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