Deja Renee Discusses her new single “Jealous”


Deja where are you from ?
– I was born and raised in Vista, Ca.

What got you into music ?
– Music has been the only thing that I felt suited me. I’ve tried many things in the past but nothing makes me feel like music does. It makes me so happy and I believe that we should do things that make us happy in this 1 life given.

Very well said, tell us about the new single “Jealous” and what’s the drive behind it?
– Well I was having a talk with one of my girl friends and she was discussing how jealous her boyfriend was. All the fights and arguments they were having over his jealousy. It made me start realizing how much jealousy I was dealing with in my own relationship. So to cope with it I just wrote a song about it. That’s where “Jealous” was created.

Tell us what makes you unique?
– I think we are all unique. I’m Deja Renee, that’s what makes me unique.

What advice would you give to an upcoming artist?
– Keep chasing your dreams! Do not give up on what you feel makes you happiest in this life. Keep chasing it no matter where you are in life. You got a 9 to 5? Well that’s ok! When you have free time after you get off work or on your off days, find space for that one thing that makes you happiest.

If you could give one message to your fans what would you say?
– Thank you for always believing in me! The best is yet to come and we have a lot of projects this year. I promise to continue to be me no matter what. I love you all.

Keep up with Deja Renee–aST8nSKcoTKvr4HhFOndJMmpMYh-m5Co5I

And listen to her new release “Jealous” here


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