Maylon Millions Is An Rising Star In The Hiphop Industry


Maylon millions is an music artist and song writer that has made a big enter into the music industry. He has been inspiring people that anything is possible if you put your heart into your passion and I believe he’s everything that this world needs. Maylon got a big boost with his first song meet me as it has over 1 million plays on SoundCloud alone and has kids dancing to his music on TikTok as you can see here
He’s mentioned before he’s antisocial at times to focus on his goals but he also love connecting with great people. He always been into fashion, traveling doing shows and definitely is the definition of never give up on your dreams.

Maylon Millions has surpassed over 100k instagram and TikTok followers in under a year and has gotten sponsored request by big brands such as adidas. Maylon Millions is only 21 years old and his height is 6’4 inches tall.

Maylon Millions debuted his new single “Love Me For Me” today. The Single boasts his remarkable flow Building off of the momentum of last year’s single release Meet Me, the new project continues to fuse his melodic flow with headbanging beats. 

Maylon Inspired by artists like Young Thug, Future, and A$AP Rocky, Maylon has taken the time to cultivate his own sound. Garnering recognition from platforms like Complex, XXL, and the Lakers, the growing artist is a star on the rise. Halfway into the year and Maylon is doing everything to make a name for himself. 


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