Misty Blanco The Blaquanese Rockstar “Melodic Bop” receives “The Recording Academy Recognition Award


Misty Blanco’s new form of music, “Melodic Bop,” is sweeping over the music world. She has been on MTV Music News, Billboard, The Recording Grammy Association, and Forbes. Her big tune Music Box is incomprehensible, and she is also Mysterious from MTV’s Making The Band with P Diddy, when she revealed she was no longer a rapper, but she created her own genre as a Melodic Bop artist.

Misty Blanco is once again proving to the globe that she has always been the theatrical aspect in music that we all look forward to elevating with. When questioned, Misty Blanco stated that she is the shine and spunk that this entertainment industry has been missing termed “Edutainment.”

She also has her own TV Channel called The Misty TV Channel on Roku and all Smart Devices, and she is currently in production of her own Reality Show called “The Misty TV Blaque Okane Rockfest Tour.” She went on a 90-day spiritual cleansing and shared each day of the process on her Instagram pages, and she is now seeing how her time with God and the universe worked. She has been nominated for four Grammys. She also created and birthed Melodic Bop during Black History Month on February 6th, so she is a new empowerment for women and the culture. She is not likeCardi and the rest; she has a different approach to sexiness and feminine empowerment.

Photographer is Christina Jones “The Human Paparazzi” @ayeyotina curtesy of The Misty TV Firm Corporation

Misty Blanco’s branding/marketing/publicity firm has grown to be one of the largest in the music industry. Misty Blanco also discovered athletes such as Tim Mercer, she named “The Human Bugatti of Golf,” and she has introduced the public to a plethora of bright acts through her television show “Music Saved My Life,” which featured the young female artist “Young Devyn,” who has been seen on BET for two years in a row. Misty Blanco and her firm, The Misty TV Firm Corporation, are New York’s new superpower.

Misty Blanco is the CEO of her own Branding & Management Corporation, “The Misty TV Firm Corporation,” through which Misty TV Firm discovered Christina Jones, who started off as her executive assistant, and Ja Vonni Brustow, who was working with Petersburg Solutions in VA, and named them as Executive VP and VP, respectively, who has lately been sighted on TMZ. Misty Blanco’s glam squad comprises Hair Rich Club and Sexy Chocolate LLC, indicating that she knows what she’s doing, whether it’s assembling a strong team, putting on a show, or promoting new athletes. Misty Blanco also has her own television station, “Misty TV,” which has been rated a 5 star channel by HBO and Starz.

Photographer is Christina Jones “The Human Paparazzi” @ayeyotina curtesy of The Misty TV Firm Corporation

Misty Blanco chose her own record, executively produced, wrote, and arranged all of her songs, and this Music Box is simply another notch in her belt as an artist and executive. Tour of Misty Blanco The Misty TV Blaque Okane Rockfest Tour is billed as the first Virtual Reality Experience Tour.

Photographer is Christina Jones “The Human Paparazzi” @ayeyotina curtesy of The Misty TV Firm Corporation

Kindly contact the following information for all bookings and publicity for Misty Blanco.

Publisher: The Misty TV Firm Corporation

Company name: Misty TV Firm Corporation 

Phone number: (310) 661-8247 

Instagram: @mysterious_mistyblanco


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