HaSizzle AKA The Bounce King Heats Up The Streets with “Getcha Sum“


Cutting Edge and Legendary are the adjectives that best describe Bounce music pioneer Hasan “HaSizzle” Matthews. He was born and bred in New Orleans, and he is known as the “King of Bounce.”  HaSizzle delivers vivid rhymes and dynamic scatting. His skillful wordplay and witty metaphors paint precise pictures. And his cadence and penmanship are top-notch. He has made a major impact with such Bounce hits as “Bounce It Biggity Bounce It,” and “She Rode That D*ck Like A Soulja.”

HaSizzle possesses the ingredients and the uncanny ability to formulate hit songs. Moreover, his stage presence is filled with tremendous energy, excitement and stamina. He is a true master of ceremony. HaSizzle has performed all over the world including at shows like New Morning in Paris, France, Madame Moustache in Brussels, Belgium, The Houston Summer Jam, The Millennium Tour with Lloyd, The Bayou Classic Fan Fest and more.

HaSizzle the Bounce king is living proof that when you follow your heart’s direction it leads you to your passion. He has honed a refreshing style that is explosive. His music encompasses party driven themes that appeal to an international demographic. With a passionate flow and unmatched cadence, HaSizzle is dominating the independent music scene with unique vision.  His current single is called “Getcha Sum. “ The song is a certified banger and it’s impacting radio and receiving rave reviews from DJ’s across the nation. 

Follow HaSizzle The Bounce King on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/hasizzlethevoice/


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