Hollowed B Treats Listeners with Fresh Album and Visual Art


Hollowed B is breaking boundaries through his fusion of hip hop and R&B, with a rocker vibe. His latest album, “the juice,” hits the market on July 1. The presale version of the album will include special items including access to never-before-released songs and autographed artwork created by the artist.

The New York-native is bringing storytelling to the next level by infusing tales into tunes. With the goal of inspiring listeners, Hollowed B is determined to create meaningful music. According to the artist, “the album is about perseverance. I want to motivate listeners to get them through whatever they’re going through.”

On the whole, Hollowed B’s music is fun, energetic, and helpful. He writes songs for anybody and everybody—songs for every audience. From “catchy songs” that draw younger audiences to “real hip hop for people who love hip hop,” the artist’s songs are sure to receive love across the board. “I write music about what I go through,” says Hollowed B about what inspires his music. “I sit there and think ‘is there something I can teach somebody’?”

His self-proclaimed greatest asset is his writing—particularly R&B songs which are yet to be released. “Normally, I write first. Then I find a beat or have one designed that compliments what I’m trying to say,” says Hollowed B of his writing process. While he generally works with multiple producers, he’s excited to find the right music label to partner with and work with one producer exclusively.

While the artist isn’t a fan of getting writer’s block, his determination to create in spite of difficulties is one of his greatest strengths. Some songs have taken him days; others have taken a year or more. “If there was a message I wanted to get across, or if it didn’t hit correctly, I might change a line a hundred times to make it work. I want my songs to feel a certain way.”

Hollowed B will also be releasing a visual version of the album in cartoon format. He’s excited to share his unique vision with listeners in a format that is fresh and fun. “No one’s necessarily done that yet. To do it with every song on the album gives me the biggest smile.”

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YouTube: https://youtu.be/A0YYwgdTUe4  


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