IAO Carla Explores How Music and People are Limitless on “Sun Yesod”


IAO Carla wants to reimagine music what music can be. 

She believes that music holds a special type of power. It has the power to open up the boundary between the self and the world, creating new possibilities for being oneself and living in the world.

She sees society and its projection as forces which constrain us, which pull us from our natural state of openness and creativity, and places us into boxes which narrow us to be closed and contained. 

She sees that this predicament places an immense pressure on the individual to conform against their own inner will, bottling up their feelings and tightening the boundary between the self and world.

This predicament pressures us like a fixed vessel whose walls are constantly on the edge of explosion. It deeply troubles us, placing us in a deep despair as we demand the space to unleash our inner potentials.

Carla sees art and music as a way out, poking holes in the boundary between the self and the world. She says, “We are all creative. We all have a creativity inside of us. But we’re trapped this way of living everyday life and society, which makes us forget that we have the magic and power to create.”

Throughout her time in Morocco, Greece, Scotland, England, and California, she has been hard at work crafting new ways in which we may experience ourselves.

Carla has been working on a seven-track audiovisual experience – an album with accompanying music videos – each approaching a common message from a variety of directions: 

Carla says, “I want to tackle all aspects of how human beings grow to remove their boundaries.”

Throughout 2022, Carla will be releasing singles from the album, leading up to the full project’s release in October. She begins with “Sun Yesod” released recently on May 8, 2022.

“Sun Yesod” explores the how the things outside of the self are the same as what is inside of the self.

It came about during a deep time of despair during the pandemic.

Carla says, “It comes from the past three years of my life. Sometimes you go into a hole, and dig a very deep hole, and go so deep that your teeth hit the ground. And you sit there and resign yourself in a way. I wasn’t lonely but very alone, looking for anything that would offer more to life than the experience I was having.”

“It was in this search for emotion that I tapped into this feeling of despair. I wrote the song in this moment,” Carla continues. “It actually embodies me accepting who I was in a kind of way, becoming comfortable with being things I was too scared to show others. For a while, I was making my life for other people.”

She realized, “I’m going to wake up every morning. I’m going to go to bed, I don’t care if no one understands. I want to accept myself, and this was the first step towards accepting who I was inside in a way.” 

The musical timbres of the song connote wisdom, wholeness, and the ancients. Carla uses a wide range of sounds communicate this, encompassing the voice, the instrument, and the wider sounds around us. 

For Carla, every sound is musical, and has the potential to connect the spirit with the world. She fuses these sounds with lyrical imagery from Jewish mysticism of how energies flow in and out of us.

Her vocals, akin to Bjork and Joanna Newsom, are deep and warm. She sings with an inviting quality, targeting the hearts of listeners. 

The music video for “Sun Yesod” was taped at an opportune time. She had visited Sequoia National Park, coming up close with the oldest trees still standing. That area of Sequoia had not seen snow in over 15 years, but on the day she was taping it was snowing.

Carla says, “I had told my producer: ‘How can we put some effects on it, maybe to show a change of weather? Maybe we can put on some snow to show the oneness of everything.’ The morning after at 5am, when we went to shoot it was Narnia. I had never seen so much snow in my life. A scene in like this in a movie would cost like 10 million. It’s crazy how beautiful it was.”

Following “Sun Yesod”, Carla will release the singles “OPA”, “Gravity Up”, and “Dark Melody”. Each will feature an accompanying music video.

These singles will be released respectively on the 21st of July, August, and September. Smaller vocal/piano and vocal/guitar songs will be released between these singles.

“OPA” will be about partying, but “partying for yourself and the beast inside of you”. “Dark Melody” borrows poetry from her friend and writer Ghita, producing an “unknown, yet new feeling”.

These songs each serve to open the boundary between the self and the world.

Lastly, Carla has been working on new ways in which we may experience music. She is crafting live experiences which she describes “as raves for the heart”. 

She says, “My goals and ambitions are to create a new kind of experiences with music. This will have to entail working with a lot of other artists, but I really want to start having people connect on another kind of level with music to see themselves more obviously. It’s to show the endless possibilities of life, and how limitless music and the self can be.”

“I see that there’s going to be almost a type of revolution that’s going to happen. People are going to be more conscious and sense a true feeling of aliveness. We’ve lived through such terrible times these past three years, where a whole generation is not going to live life the way it was.”

“We’re preparing for really high times, and I think that’ll cause us to face a creativity like we’ve never seen before. It’ll be a really different type of thing, that I know I’ll be a part of. 

Be sure to stay connected with IAO Carla on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.

Sun Yesod Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9FHxTQ-Y78 

Sun Yesod: https://open.spotify.com/track/0ivnD7KuHWttzbo84duBNu?si=3dd946342fe04ce2 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iaocarla/ 

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/carla-soussana 

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3m2dA02oIV642i2jj0B1aC 


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