Malin Samarasekara – A Hidden Gem in the Global Music Industry


Malin Samarasekara is a music artist and producer from Sri Lanka. He was born on 26th February 1992, and he was fond of music since his early childhood. It might have paved the way for him to become an artist. 

According to Malin, he considers himself a ‘forever student’ who is eager to learn new things. This has helped him to broaden his knowledge in many different fields. As a result, he works as a music composer, singer, music producer and Social Media consultant. 

His dedication, hard work, passion and knowledge are the keys to his success. He is a hidden gem in the music industry who is capable of producing mellifluous and fire songs. 

Here are some of his best songs: 

  • Ancient Dance
  • Jupiter Wave
  • Erangal Dance
  • Enemies Ahead
  • Chicken Dinner
  • Capital City


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