This Is How Or Barak Converts Between Pop And Hip-Hop, While Keeping It Sexy


Or Barak has had a pretty impressive year, He released his debut album in March 30th 2021, He delivered an acting role in the feature film “ASIA” alongside Shira Haas that was featured on Hollywood Reporter and WON #1 In the Israeli Offir Prizes Awards,

And, He released his new single and music video “I NEED YOU” that quickly massed a crazy amount of new fans, and new people who were curious about what’s the gothic but yet charming boy is doing next.

Or keeps it real but yet If we are allowed to say, very provocative and sexy, not necessarily by wearing it or saying it though, just by the way he acts and plays around with his sound, style and fashion.

His new album “AVANT-GARDE” that was released earlier this year (2021) featured some Poppy, Catchy, and playful songs that can’t get out of our heads like “UFO” , “I NEED YOU” and “AWAY” but yet kept it all interesting with his melodies, rap flows and very interesting word play and atmosphere, We can definitely hear a lot of Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar and even Chris Brown influences but for sure, Or Barak’s sound is something new, because he does choose to show you the romantic, sensitive and even childish side of the world, He is for sure, Rap’s new pretty boy


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