Mlife Music Group Is Committed To Pushing The Boundaries Of Art


(Mike Jean, Photo by Marc Baptiste)

Music is an accessible outlet that affords everyone the opportunity to find something they connect with and believe in. Music can be educational and entertaining, but artists at MLife Music Group take their creative process a step further in their pursuit of expressive storytelling through music, honoring a social responsibility to make a difference in the community.

MLife Music Group’s novel approach to music is authentic and creative – these musicians feel it is their artistic obligation to share human truths through their melodic ensembles and soulful rhythm. Team members at MLife Music Group honor their diverse backgrounds by creating expressive music dedicated to bringing communities together and celebrating the human experience. Dedicated to their unified brand, here are some of the talented minds who are responsible for the magic behind the record label: 

Norman Alexander

A singer-songwriter in the contemporary and pop genres, Alexander was born with the natural talent to express his emotions through his lyrical and melodic genius. His instinct for music has not gone unnoticed during his career, as he has been distinguished by Music Observer as a Top 20 Artist of 2020, alongside The Weeknd and Ariana Grande, for Best Lyrics in his single, “No Goodbyes.”

Annabel Oreste

Although she’s new to the industry, 20-year Pop and R&B singer-songwriter Annabel Oreste has the raw talent to turn your emotions into tears. Oreste has shocked the industry with her timeless talents, even being compared to “Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Andrea Bocelli, and Anita Baker,” by renowned recording engineer Humberto Gatica. Additionally, Oreste’s social media presence has been on the rise within a week of the release of her cover of “Body and Soul” by Anita Baker, where has achieved a strong social media following and over 500,000 views.


SPRBLK is an Artist and songwriter who has integrated his unique interests and background to create a charismatic flow that provides new insight into musical creativity. He is a lyrical prodigy with a born talent of combining words to create meaningful art, drawing his inspiration from women, whom he believes is the universal life force. 

Erell Allier

As a dancer, choreographer, and model, Allier combines her well-rounded passions to create meaningful movements. Stemming from the Académie International de la Danse (AID) school in Paris and being acknowledged as a European International Dance Champion, Erell Allier expresses love and passion in her choreography, bringing life to music and lyrics. She creates dance that is dynamic, effective, thoughtful, and expressive.

Mike Jean

MLife Music Group wouldn’t have grown to the life-changing production company that it is today without the passion and motivation of humanitarian, CEO, and founder, Mike Jean. With a desire to highlight the authenticity and vulnerability music can provide, Jean created an agency that brings people together through shared emotions and experiences. By encouraging community interconnectedness and peace, MLife Music Group’s innovations to the music industry are transforming the modern standard of entertainment.

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