India Dupriez quickly is rising to the top with new songs “Pray” and “Venomous”


Australian singer-songwriter India Dupriez is on the fast track to making a big name for herself with her newly released music. Her release of new songs is showing how versatile she can be, with her strong vocals playing up a wide variety of different sounds. 

India hit the ground running in the music world when she was just 12 years old and auditioned for a local theater production. ”I had no musical background. Instantly I felt like it came natural to me and I started getting lessons and I have been singing ever since,” India Dupriez said. Not looking back has been a theme for her. From there, she says she went to open mic nights every single week, growing both her voice and her confidence. India continued working hard and began recording her own music, crediting her family for instilling a strong work ethic and a love for the art.  

Working hard combined with pure talent has propelled India to a place where she is working with top professionals in the industry. In just eighteen months, the up-and- coming musician has gone from winning in eisteddfods (a competitive festival of music and poetry) to working with some of the biggest record producers in the world. With her current representation, Los Angeles based Symba Music Group, India has traveled around the world to write and record music with some of the best in contemporary pop music including, Chizzy Stephens (Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez) and Kyle Moorman (Pink, Sheppard, Miley Cyrus, Ellie King). She’s set herself up to take the next step in her career with new songs “Venomous” and “Pray.” With the latter being a deeply personal tune about her walk of faith, India surprised with her new song “Venomous,” which is totally different and feisty.

India says that “Pray” was written at a time when she was thinking about not pursuing music anymore and is very personal to her. She wanted to connect with her fans by being vulnerable and sharing a different side of her. “I wrote ‘Pray’ at my piano one day and in my deepest moment wanted to share what helped me heal so I can hopefully help someone else feeling the same way. Having faith is life; whether it’s a ‘God’, a ‘universe’, or nothing at all, I want to start a conversation about it.”

Using her talents to play into different types of music is sure to start a conversation. Her different forms of storytelling will keep her audience on their toes and wondering what she will do next. Drawing inspiration from artists like Billie Eilish and Lana Del Rey, it’s clear that she is focused on powerful lyrics and strong vocals. In addition to “Pray” and “Venomous,” fans can enjoy previously released singles, entitled, “Ghost” and “Holding On.” She says her goal is to “make people feel” and has goals to perform in big venues like Madison Square Garden.

To keep up with the latest updates on India Dupriez’s music, follow her on Instagram here. 


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