Rapper Carvill B Heats Up the Charts With “Change”


Rapper Carvill B intends on changing the course of Hip Hop back to its original essence. Carvill B was born in Shreveport Louisiana but raised in Compton California. Armed with a pen, a microphone and an unshakeable will to succeed, the head strong emcee is already making a huge impact in the independent music scene. He uses effortless lyrics and catchy melodies in his songs. Carvill B is committed to providing the world with quality, cutting edge music.

The multi-talented rapper explores the complex struggles of everyday life through his music. Moreover, his influences include music icons like Sade, Nas, Goodie Mob, Rick Ross and Pink Floyd. and Scarface. Carvill B’s mission to impact the music industry with unique passion and creativity. He is a musically versatile and he presents a prismatic array of sounds and melodies. 

The wordsmith is currently Riding off the momentum of his hot new single “Change” featuring Alonda Rich with production by Dream Life.  A therapeutic means of expressing himself, ‘Change’ portrays Carvill’s own struggle with spiritual development, religion and the discipline of adherence to religious guidance and tenants. www.TheCarvillbond.com


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