The Grammy Association brings a spotlight to Detroit’s own Smiley The Hiphop Clown


Smiley The HipHop Clown has definitely been a major center piece to clowning around and bringing smiles to millions of children and families. Smiley The Hiphop Clown is timeless as he has been around for 3 decades and his energy is even more vibrant than the first day he did his first show in 1993. Smiley The Hiphop Clown had the vision to begin his own company while he was listed in the navy. While bringing says in the navy he got a very clear understanding of what he wanted to do with his life which was bringing smiles to the world. Smiley The Hiphop clown “Smiles are very important to the community while we live in a world of uncertainty and fear so a genuine smile goes a long way!” Smiley The Clown is a father of 3 children his self and he believes in the proper guidance and role models should be in place and he believes this for all children. So when Smiley The Hiphop Clown comes to children parties it’s more than clowning around however outside of clowning it’s about setting the proper example and being a role model. As history proves it’s self he has done a wonderful job as a mentor, as he is a major influence in other celebrities lives such as Misty Blanco The Blaquanese Rockstar. In her childhood he played a major part in her life, from giving her her first job as a assistant or being there as a guide in the Blaquanese Rockstar life. Detroit is a land of magical talent and a place where many find and set their trends. Smiley The Hiphop Clown not only clowns around however he has place the culture of Detroit dance called “Jitting” in the forefront. Jitting is not a easy dance to do however it’s a wonder art to watch. Smiley The Hiphop Clown also created his own popular dances in the Detroit which has everyone ready to dance out their shoes. Smiley The HipHop Clown is truly a antique and a ray of Motorcities finest and we are keeping our eyes on this legendary star Detroit has brought to the world.

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