Sarodj Bertin releases WAKALA: An empowering single in Spanish that will make your hips move


The Haitian-Latina artist does it again. Once more, Sarodj blows us away with her rare melodies and uncommon yet extraordinary style. The song in Creole and Spanish mixes the roots of her two cultures, and was produced by Grammy award winner Alcover. 

Just hours after release, “Wakala”, which is slang for “Disgusting” in Spanish, had already been added to significant playlists such as “Reggaetoneras”, “Lo Nuevo Vibes” and “Sak Pase”. 

The song talks about the feelings one goes through when a relationship is over, and it was the mingling of witty lyrics, Latin rhythms and empowering concepts, what made this song cut through masses and quickly escalate towards the top. 

Sarodj’s cultural fusion is reflected in her music and according to her it has felt natural to transition into creating art that includes the best of her two worlds: the African spirit of Haiti, and the passion of her Latina blood. 

Bertín became famous in 2010 after winning the crown of “Miss Haiti” and ever since her achievements kept surpassing anything she had ever done before. Today Sarodj is one of the most recognized public figures of the Dominican Republic, the country where she currently resides, and Haiti, the place where she was born. The singer, actress, philanthropist and lawyer speaks multiple languages, including Creole, Spanish, French and English, and writes her songs combining all four. The fact that she carries in her hands the mixture of these cultures makes her extremely strange and special, and gives her the power to lead her people with responsibility and confidence. It is her calling to educate people through her art, to enlighten women by empowering them and to share the wonders of her amazing roots with the world. 

But Sarodj is not just an artist. Over the past years she has been an important activist who has dedicated her time, heart and energy to help out in the most crucial moments of Haiti. She rose to fame in one of the hardest moments her country was facing, after being struck by a 7,2 magnitude earthquake that devastated Haiti’s infrastructure and left more than 200.000 dead bodies. Ever since Sarodj has been using her social media to create awareness and has partnered up with several organizations to improve her country’s situation and assist with the ongoing earthquakes Haiti faces regularly. She has personally attended several hospitals to provide a helping hand in a moment where the health system was overwhelmed due to the increasing number of victims who were rescued from the earthquake’s debris. In 2013, her foundation “Sarodj for a purpose” was awarded an “African Oscar” and a “Humanitarian award” amongst others. She was also recognized by USA Today as one of the nine most powerful women who positively impact society. 

It was after seeing the vulnerability of her country, when Sarodj wrote and released her hit “Haiti”, a song in Creole and English that brought the nation together in a moment of catastrophe. The song has received more than a million views in Youtube and it spent weeks on the Dominican Republic top 40’s charts.  Some of her other hits include “Mawozo”, “Una Amiga”, “Quiere Comerme” and several collaborations with recognized artists such as Dominican star “Mozart La Para”, “Kiko el Crazy” and “Quimico Ultra Mega”. As an ambassador of her country Sarodj has embraced a humanitarian commitment, empowering and inspiring society. 


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