Many people in the world today are searching for a better life. A better life guarantees tomorrow’s meal and success by being able to hustle for oneself. Hustling is not built for everyone but rather made for the strong-hearted. Cornellious Waite, CEO of Star Steppaz and applying pressure forever, is one firm hustler and businessman that has made a better life for himself through hustle.

About Waite

Hailing from the East side of Providence, Rhode Island, Cornellious Waite is one creative individual that has strived to make it through the tough times of life. Growing up around scarcity and too many shootings in the neighborhood, Waite has lost about 6 of his close friends to gun violence since 2013. At only the age of 14, Waite started getting into music together with a party of his friends. They started up a group called “Squad of the year,” in which he was the group’s rapper. The group did not last for so long. Waite was the first to break out of it as a rapper. He started writing his rap lyrics and putting his art on the paper with his brother Damon aka Dee Gomes. Waite had to convince his brother Dee that they would make it and come through as rappers regardless of their background and having grown up in the East. Everything since then has remained history because, as of today, Dee Gomes has become a household rap brand.

Making appearances as a rapper and doubling as the founder of the music brand “Applying Pressure Forever,” Dee Gomes has made tracks like; “Gangsta Love,” “Options featuring Rasandra,” “Deadman,” and “Falling for you” that are making it big on all major radio stations in Rhode Island and have also been streamed over 143k times on YouTube.

Waite initially came up with the plan to start up their own music label based in their hometown of Rhode Island. Being from life with very little to survive with, poverty was part of his story while growing up, but this was never going to stop him. He shared his idea with his brothers and a few of his friends who indeed chose to see the same vision as him. His other brother Lil Rook came up with the name “Applying Pressure Forever,” which stands even as of today. Starting up a music label was not going to be an easy task for Waite, who had neither experience in managing music nor his own tracks that were already being featured on the big stages of his hometown in Rhode Island. (Cornellious Waite in the picture below)

These shortcomings, however, never stopped him from chasing his dream. Since he had shared his thought and planned with some of his close friends and family, Dee Gomes, Waite’s brother, decided that he would actually execute the plan and start the music label “Applying Pressure Forever.” Dee did not experience starting up a music label but was very ambitious and knew that this is precisely what he wanted to do. He indeed went on to start the brand under which he releases all his music today. Waite and his best friend Dexter are the CEOs of the music label, managing artists like Jae Lynx, Rasandra, and Dee Gomes himself.

Check out to follow what the music label is up to today.

“Star Steppaz”

Besides being into the music industry, Waite has also had a strong desire for fashion. His apparel brand “Star Steppaz” is launching soon, and you wouldn’t want to be left out. He has a vast range of all the latest shoe types in all sizes that he is about to launch together with the brand. Star Steppaz as a brand has not yet officially released its merchandise. Still, the creativity has already started cooking in the kitchen. With a captivating slogan’ “Created to apply pressure with every step. Inspired by the greats. Always shoot for the stars and aim for the moon,” personally | can’t wait to order with Star steppaz.

With its captivating logo design, the brand is the next big thing in Waite’s career. On the brand, he is featuring great acts like Jae Lynx, who he also doubles as his manager, and the artist is ready to push the brand as far as it can reach. Having a dream and actually executing it is indeed underrated. Many great minds have come up with brilliant ideas but have never been able to put flesh onto these ideas; hence they are buried in the ditch hole and only brought up in their household. For Cornelius Waite, that is not the case. His brilliant ideas have all been birthed and nurtured till they turn into a brand. From artists like Jae Lynx that he is managing to being CEO of Applying Pressure Forever, you can’t doubt his ability to take Star Steppaz to the next level. His resilience in business is unusual, and this makes him different from so many other people. His brand has already launched its Instagram page (@starsteppaz) with him as the CEO (@therealcjaywaite) and the creative director is (@kre8_eyedeas).

Cornelius Waite is indeed the game-changer.

What to expect from Star Steppaz

Star Steppaz is set to launch very soon with its latest designer shoes and apparel inspired by hard work and the love for the game. Founder and CEO, “@therealcjaywaite,” mentioned that the brand will be coming in a few months on his Instagram.

Cjay destines to work with renowned brands to push the brand to the next level. The brand will feature all the popular shoes and sneakers that are in the market today, including famous brands like; Nike, Adidas, New balance, and Air Jordans. With shoes being the main product, Star Steppaz is not limited to providing you with the latest footwear and the best apparel ranging from Shirts, vests, hoodies, and designer pants.

What you should expect from Star Steppaz is providing you with the best of the best merchandise every day. Through this brand, you will wear your favorite artist’s brand and fly like a star. Still, for now, | would recommend that you follow (@starsteppz) on their Instagram to stay informed every day about the latest news and developments as we await the official launch of this new movement in fashion.


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