Tropical R&B/Pop Sensation Sofi Saint is on Path for International Stardom


Finesse involves the unique ability to maneuver seamlessly around people or objects in a smooth manner. It’s the refinement of performance, execution, and artisanship. Breakout music sensation Sofi Saint personifies finesse. She is an acclaimed singer, actress, model, fashionista, and trendsetter. The Trinidad born songstress is a musical Tour De Force. Her sound is an eclectic mix of Tropical, Pop and R&B vibes. The buzzing singer has been profiled in XXL Magazine. In addition, her musical compositions have been featured on Power 105.1 FM and on such major online platforms as The Source and Hip Hop Weekly.

Sofi Saint is a rare breed. She is everything you want in a budding music mogul, which is smart, confident, daring and versatile. She is a mixture of street wise boldness and class. Innovation is my middle name,” proclaims the singer. With business savvy, good people skills and a keen ear for hot new sounds, Sofi Saint continues to make her mark on the musical landscape. Her team, which includes G&L Record Label, Sofibiz Ent and Rastaphil Ent, is helping to mold Sofi into becoming an international star. Equally important, on Earth Day April 22nd, 2021 the songstress will be performing live at the Niagara Falls “Love 2 The World Celebration, which will have a global audience of 5 Billion people.

With an infectious thirst for creation and dedication to quality, making music is not a clichéd “dream” for Sofi Saint—it’s a chosen path that will be a gift for all. Her endless imagination combined with an abundance of ingenuity ensures a future of ambitious creations from an artist, who pushes boundaries to defy traditional pre-conceived notions of what music is. Sofi Saint’s unique selling proposition is that she’s not afraid to be herself and she incorporates many of her life’s experiences into her music. Her songs are like a musical diary.

With uncensored emotion and honest melodies, Sofi Saint’s music tells the story of a unique path. From tragedies and heartbreak to glory and triumph, she takes you on an inspiring journey. Sofi is not focused on trying to impress foes, competitors or haters. She’s just focused on relating to true music fans. Her goal is to become the people’s CHAMP! Sofi Saint’s latest single K.I.D. (“Knock it Down”) is making a major splash in the marketplace. It is charting on Shazam and K.I.D. has reached over 140,000 streams on Spotify. The song is sexy and tantalizing.



Sofi Saint – K.I.D “Knock it Down” official video


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