Zulus Breaking Into Music Business With New Album ‘This Is Not A Drill’


DENVER, Colo. — The Zulus are done practicing, they’ve found their sound and they have the quality album to prove it in their latest 15-track project called “This is Not a Drill,” out on all platforms now.

Montae Martin, the beating heart of the Zulus as producer, mixer and musician, said “This is Not a Drill “ came together over a couple of years, a couple of names and a couple of tries, but he feels this is the album that will push the four-member group to a new level in the music industry.

“‘This is Not a Drill,’ I feel like kind of symbolizes the fact that we are cementing ourselves in the industry,” Montae said. “This is the album we want to go and solidify us and use to put our foot in the door in the music industry. This is the one we want to push to bring us into the limelight. We finally feel like we have a project that the mix is really good, the rapping and the singing, everything is good enough that we can actually push this and actually be taken seriously.”

The group is made up of brothers Montae and Trezy Martin, No Breaks and Capital K. The brothers, Montae and Trezy have been rapping since they were 12. They joined with No Breaks and Capital K in 2020 to form the Zulus.

“I’ve always wanted to be a rapper. I started rapping on my phone back in 2016 when I got out of Juvie and I was trying to change my life around but I was still doing the same stuff so I was stuck in my ways,” No Breaks said. “When I met Montae and Tre, everything kind of changed. I heard their music and I could tell they were for real about their career and I was wanting to boost mine so since I met them we’ve bee rapping together, having fun and working on music.”

Montae and Trezy said the two have worked on projects before, even dropping a couple of albums, but they were never really happy with the results.

“Back in 2019 we started making songs and putting them on Youtube and we decided to put all the songs we made together and put it on Spotify and Apple Music and make it into an album that we called ‘Attack of the Zulu,’” Trezy said. “We moved right on to our next project not even a few months later, called ‘Heroes and Villains.’ We just weren’t even happy with it really, we sat on it for a couple of months and we took a little break from music. We dropped ‘Heroes and Villains, in February of 2020. Then we were just making songs and writing and taking breaks.”

The group dropped a new album called “The Afterparty” in 2021, but Montae said he didn’t like it.

“I felt like the mixes weren’t right and I should have spent more time on the mixes,” Montae said.

“So one day, it wasn’t long after we dropped it, I went to Spotify to listen to a song,” Trezy said. “And the album was gone. He took the album down and it no longer exists.”

“It’s the lost third album that doesn’t exist anymore, there’s only remnants,” Montae added.

The group went back to the drawing board and remixed some songs from that album and added new songs.

“We just wanted to have a fun, party-style album where you could just escape reality,” Trezy said. “If you want to go have fun at a party, you want to pre-game, this is the type of music we wanted to make.”

“‘Afterparty’ kind of had that theme, but there were to many songs I felt like they strayed away from it and we just threw them on here but they didn’t really make sense,” Montae added.

The group considered using the same name for the new album, but Trezy said Montae came to him to talk about a new name.

“When we go into ‘This is Not a Drill,’ this is the complete version of ‘Afterparty,’” Trezy said. “It was supposed to be the same name, but Montae had a dream, he just came to me and said I had a dream where we made a dope album and it was called ‘This is Not a Drill.’ He didn’t really think too much of it, but a couple of weeks later I was like instead of just naming it ‘The Afterparty,’ let’s name it ‘This is Not a Drill.’”

While This is Not a Drill is fun and lively, mixing old school with new drill rap, the Zulus are looking for authenticity, and their sound gives sense of their determination to go big. 

“We’re coming,” Montae said. “Remember the name Zulus. Remember the name Trezy. Remember the name Montae. Remember the name No Breaks and remember the name Capital K because we’re coming. We’ve already gotten this far, we’re not stopping now and we’re not stopping until we reach the very top. They ain’t no stop now, we’re coming.”

Follow the Zulus on all platforms:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7oSoIXPcpFQP0ZSXvmf315

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zulus_official/

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/this-is-not-a-drill/1615988506

Pandora: https://www.pandora.com/artist/zulus/ARch6dJv99vkcm2

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfe8yn-Ua2IFk3XOGwh_JyQ

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09WF4D5TZ


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