A Special Interview With The Top Music And Film Industries Manager Jimmy Hallowey


Being at the Music And Movies Industries management level inside many top institutions since more than 40 years, Jimmy Hallowey is considered today one of the best and most expert managers in the World. From Polygram, Limelight, Kiss FM and more as the list is long, Jimmy finds himself today succeeding in managing some top Independent Arts and Media Institutions, including the super Independent Label “Proconwire”, as well as some top artists portfolios. He’s also preparing himself for additional new management missions as he told us! 

We were so lucky to have this wonderful special interview with Jimmy, who’s also known as “The Man Of Steel”! 

Q1: Welcome Jimmy, we are so glad to have you here in this interview, and Congratulations on your continuous successes after all these years! 

A1: Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. 

Q2: Jimmy, the Music Industry changed and still changing. If we want to compare between that Industry in the past and the present, which one do you find better and why?

A2: If I can make a mix between what was better in the past and what is currently better and make a new Industry, I won’t mind at all 😊      

Q3: Good one!  I didn’t see that coming! Then please tell us more about this concept and about how do you like that Industry to be?

A3:  In the past, the human factor was stronger. People had more values and the artists used to compose songs and music due to their love and passion to this field, and not basically for material purposes. That’s why they succeeded to make everlasting hits! They used to compose, record, and perform music with their souls…  Today people are more materialists, but the technology is better, and it facilitates the production and the distribution. It also makes it easy for you to hear and save an audio or a video track, and more… But every artist still needs to promote in the right way to reach the real interested audience these days, especially that the same big major companies of the past are still the same today. No new major labels or companies that have big capacities to invest on the artists have been added. Also, no additional big sponsors are funding the artists projects unfortunately. So at first, the artist must invest on their dream until the dream is capable to invest on itself, or until getting an investor if they want their products to reach real listeners.  

Q4: And where does the artist find real listeners and build their fan base and charting history? 

A4: Basically, and majorly on the radio stations and on the music televisions and party venues especially the night clubs. The valuable charting that is considered mostly by the Industry Institutions, including the booking agencies, is any valuable official National or International Chart that is based on radio spins or inside a top music tv. 

Q5: But some campaigns are really expensive for Independent and Unsponsored Artists, right? Especially for the new ones.

A5: Generally speaking, real Fame has never been cheap. But any good serious artist can start somewhere and reach a certain good level, then advance gradually according to their capacities and according to the level of their success… As for the new artists, the beginning is always the hardest in an industry full of competition. They should know how to begin correctly in a way to build valuable radio and charting history as well as a real fan base and never mix between the right way and the show-off. They should be patient because if any big institution is monitoring at any time any artist from far for possible deals and see that the artist is working in the wrong way, they immediately lose interest in that artist as there are many others to choose from. 

Q6: What about social media and digital stores and streaming services?

A6: They’re not essentials. How will real seekers be knowing an artist song name to search for in those platforms if they don’t hear it first on radio or see it on a music tv or read it in the charts? Also, when most of the listeners are listening to the rotation of your track on radio, they won’t search for your pages and support them! It’s really not related! However, few of them may do it partially but the majority will simply search for the track that they like on the net and download it free of charge from any resource including MP3 free downloading websites… Take it on yourself: Are you currently following all the pages of the artists who you like and streaming all their songs in all the platforms and buying all their records from the digital stores? Of course not! 

Q7: Absolutely!… Jimmy, I’ve heard that you and your team are preparing to launch new projects and new ideas, and you confirmed this in your latest radio interview. How much can you tell us about it?

A7: Yes indeed, there are major changes that we are preparing to do gradually in our strategies from many sides. Some started already, others need more time to be done. And there are also new projects and ideas to be launched, some of them started gradually, others are still under feasibility study. I must thank and give main credit to the Multi-Awards Winner and Multi-Charted Artist Fadi Awad in this, who planned successfully most of those new projects and working on them with the team members who I also thank each and every one of them! Everything will be announced on time…  

Q8: Well this is really good news! Also, and talking about Fadi, Congratulations on his successes too! What will be his role exactly in the new upcoming projects? 

A8: Well I thank you on his behalf. Fadi will be the main organizer and manager of those basically. And if he ever decides to add more roles for him there, he will do that at any time… 

Q9: Will you be having some kinds of cooperation and collaboration with sides who/that are out of your team?

A9:  Surely! But our basics will never change: We give priority to those who proved support, love, loyalty, respect, and appreciation to us in any aspect and on any level.  

Q10: Will you also introduce new faces? 

A10: Fadi and I always insist to do that. Fadi promised this in many previous occasions, and he always kept his promises. The majority of the faces that we introduced and promoted progressed a lot and are succeeding more and more and we’re so happy for them. We will surely introduce other new faces who we consider fitting to join us or to collaborate with us… 

Q11: That’s Awesome! Are you currently accepting new sponsors? 

A11: We already have what we need at this stage but if any sponsor is seriously interested, why not? We can extend some new projects while adding some new ideas inside… We can discuss that… 

Q12: Jimmy Hallowey, thank you so much for this valuable interview, wishing you continuous successes all the way… 

A12: Thank you so much for everything, wishing you the same 😊  

And that’s how this important interview with Jimmy Hallowey has ended, hoping to host him again someday soon for more news and updates! 


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