Chvrles Vnthony Heats Up the Streets with “It’s Better This Way”


Charles Anthony Neal, popularly known as Chvrles Vnthony, is a hip-hop artist from the D.M.V. (Wash. DC, Maryland, and Virginia area) where he has grown an overwhelming fan base.  Chvrles Vnthony grew up on the Washington sound of Go-Go but once introduced to Hip-Hop that’s when he fell in love with this thing called music. “I love DC because it has a signature sound you only have here but also introduced me to many different styles of music that influenced me at an early age,” said Chvrles Vnthony. 

Chvrles Vnthony is giving his fans a sneak peek of what’s to come from this budding star on “It’s Better This Way”  The track stems from his EP, “Maybe It’s Better This Way” exclusively available on Soundcloud. “It’s Better This Way” is a raw, uncut crash course into being true to self unapologetically and at high volume. The single “It’s Better This Way” is produced by DJ Pain 1 and is available on all digital streaming platforms now.

Chvrles Vnthony is at the beginning of his career, but it is without a doubt that his true talent will be around for a while. Keep on the lookout for more from this truly talented hip-hop rising star.

To hear “Maybe It’s Better This Way” exclusively on Soundcloud:

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