Rapper Young Zeek Soars Above the Competition With “Blow 3”


Cutting edge and explosive are the words that best describe Young Zeek. The dynamic “underground legend” is taking the independent music world by storm. His music combines raw intensity and originality with hard hitting beats. With an impeccable delivery and unmatched cadence, Young Zeek storms the Hip hop scene with unique passion and creativity. He has satisfied many Hip Hop pundits with his critically acclaimed “Blow” projects.

Equally important, Young Zeek continues to shock the world with the highly anticipated third installment of the Blow series. “Blow 3” is another gritty, dark, exciting project that his fans have come to expect from the emcee.  “Blow 3” features Young Zeek’s signature “God Flow” delivery, catchy hooks, and amazing melodies. The self-proclaimed “Midwest King” has delivered another 5 mics project. 

“Blow 3” is currently available on all major streaming platforms. Check out the cinematic visual for the song “Thug Passion” from Young Zeek’s “Blow 3” release.

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