DJ & Producer duo Nas Dvoe is coming back on RIM Label with their new tech house hit “In Da Club”


Nas Dvoe are a Russian female dj/producer duo based in Barcelona, Spain. Since 2018 the pair has became engrossed in the underground music scene. Their tracks heavily take on tech house and house, but the pair shreds genres apart to throw down the best beats of the night, day and online streams.

We talked to young talents about their new release “In Da Club” coming on RIM in March and other projects. Read more below.

-Hello girls! How are you doing? Thank you for chatting with us!

Nas dvoe: Hi and thank you for inviting us! We are feeling good and excited to talk to you!

-Congratulations on your upcoming release “In Da Club” on RIM! What can you tell us about this release?

Nas dvoe: Thanks! We are very happy how the track turned out. The idea came to us after we visit Exit Festival last summer and we jumped to the studio feeling this internal energy coming out from us. We were inspired by clubbers and people who just enjoy themselves on the dancefloor.

-Tell us a little bit more about yourselves. When did you fell in love with electronic music?

Nas dvoe:Well, we both started our journey as clubbers, and it naturally evolved into something bigger. We spent some hours partying together and then realized that we just must collaborate. And our love for electronic music only helps us in our journey. 

-What is the story behind the name “Nas Dvoe”?

Nas dvoe: We are originally from Russia and our name means “There are Two of Us” in Russian. It seems quite basic, but you know, there are just two of us here 😀

-Are there any other projects are you currently working on?

Nas dvoe: A couple of our other tracks will be released soon on the labels we cannot reveal yet, but stay tuned and you will know everything ☺

-You are based in Barcelona. How is everything right now over there? 

Nas dvoe: Barcelona is an amazing city which is finally back to life. Clubs are opened and we are waiting for the crazy summer season with a lot of parties and festivals. 

-What do you like to do outside of the world of music?

Nas dvoe:

Olly: I like to go snowboarding and create stupid memes.

Anastasiia: I like art scene so I visit a lot of exhibitions and also discover unique places with delicious food. 





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