The Hottest Female Rapper Out of Dallas, Tx, Jay Bang Releases Her New Single “Yeah!” 


The image, the brand, the look and most important the bars, Jay bang has it all! The multi-talented artist is original all the way around writing her own lyrics as well as writing for other artists and has created a demand for herself! Her new single “Yeah” is definitely a hit with the “Nerve DJ’s” being brought on board by the A.A.G. Management Team under the umbrella of A.A.G. RECORDS.

 The struggle brings the pressure that’s why Jay Bang is who she is. You have to be a bulldog in this game once you grab hold you can’t let go! “Consistency is the key and the fans bring the motivation and the charisma from the reaction to my music that makes you want to continue on says Jay Bang.”  The producers, Karan, Shady & Matthewlockefeer beats did such a great job collaborating on the musical composition to fit Jay Bang’s style on her new single “Yeah.”

 We don’t want to forget the team of Dj Trin Setta on Chicago 77.3 for the support and helping breaking her music on the station. A lot of times people think they can do it all by themselves, but you can’t, you need a team whether you paying a marketing company or your own handpicked crew that plays a part in getting your product out to the consumer which is the people the buys and interact with your music.

Jay Bang is definitely in the opinion of many others can definitely make a footprint in the industry such as a person like Nicki Minaj and a few others that have made such an impact that is hard follow behind. One thing for sure that fans, people in the industry needs to pay attention to is how far an artist has come in their career without any major features which is a clear sign that you have star on your hands.

 The Dallas artist was definitely one of those hidden treasures that got it out the mud. The blood, the sweat, the tears and many restless nights just like many other artists not knowing what move to make or how to even get started. You must understand there is a different formula for everyone. What will work for one artist might not work for you. That’s what Jay Bang had to figure out.

 If you start out on your own in the beginning you will experience trial and error until you find what works for you. Not everyone was born with a silver spoon in their mouth and not everyone has a friend or a family member who has been successful in music that can give you pointers. That comes later after you have put in a lot of work and you’ve added some value to yourself.

 Jay Bang is not going anywhere anytime soon so keep your eyes on the prize you’ll be hearing more from this artist.

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