Friends, Foes, and Elliot Skyfall


Recently an artist by the name of Elliot Skyfall has been popping up in my feed. This 20 year old artist from Detroit really impressed me with some of the music he has so far. Usually artists that come out of Detroit are trash and really only stay in Detroit. The only few I can think of that made it out were 42 Dugg and Big Sean. With only 10 songs out up to date he has the tracks that I can see being on the top 100 billboard. Some of his work is crazy and it is only the beginning of his career. If you ask me in the next coming decade we are going to be seeing a lot of Elliot Skyfall. Thank god because the Hip-hop industry has been getting boring lately and we need new artists to rise.

Skyfall does have some heartbreak songs but a majority of his songs are about how his friends turned to foes. As many of us experience fake friends Elliot really speaks on it heavily emphasizing that he wants to prove people wrong. “None of them payin my G’s “ Skyfall says.

He doesn’t care about anybody that is not taking care of the people around him that he loves, and the only people he has left. This is what we need next in the music industry. Elliot Skyfall is next up and you can come back to this article when he is there.


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