Learn About the Musician Between the Famous “Hola” Song: Beier Beats Becomes The New Favorite in the Electro Genre


Music fans worldwide are praising the recent song, Hola, the aspiring German Electro/ EDM musician/ artist Andre Beier, who goes by the name of Beier Beats in the professional music circles. Previously, Beier made it into the playlists of music fans with his songs “Hold You,” “Bring It On,” and “Look Into My Eyes.” His music productions have produced all these fine musical masterpieces.

One key song produced by Beier Beats has been Bye Bye Mon Clerie, which features the well-known vocals coach Elena Christiansen in the collaborative role. Taking inspiration from Kashmr and KARRA, Beier Beats creates music that mesmerizes the audience through its unique beat and drops. Such a unique style of music has made many people loyal fans of his work. Currently, you may spot his singles being played at most parties and other hip-hop venues.

Being the people’s man, Beier maintains an active presence on social media, regularly posting updates about his latest works. Reach out to him on Facebook or Instagram if you listen to his music. Beier shares all his recent work on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and his official YouTube Channel for avid fans. Subscribe today and never miss out on his latest works and releases. Beier is always open to collaborations and working together to produce the finest musical works for other artists. He believes in going with the flow: observing things around him and expressing them in musical form is the key to his success in the field.

With his talent and genuine regard for high-quality music production, Beier is the future of the Electro/ EDM genres. We wish him all the success! You can check out Beier Beats’ Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/beierbeats. Tune into his Spotify channel today at: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2mc4RjQiCF9yMrRfWAbyJp?, and check out his official website: https://www.beierbeats.com/.


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