Iconic duo Jean M Nelson & Natasha L Nelson are here with an epic New music Album


After rising to new heights with “Rising of the Morn,” award-winning film director and writer Jean M Nelson is here with his latest Pop R&B album, released on November 26th, 2021. What’s even more remarkable about this newest release, “Unforgettable,” is that this is the first time he and his longtime partner Natasha L Nelson an highly talented artist and writer, Natasha and Jean M Nelson are coming together to create a pop R&B album.

Featuring 12 Amazing tracks, “Unforgettable” is now available on all major music platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, iHeartRadio, YouTube, YouTube music, Pandora, Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud, and Shazam.

There is no doubt that Jean M. Nelson is one of the most versatile and creative personalities we have today, both in terms of music and films. A native of Haiti who is currently living in New Jersey, he was always in love with cinematography and music production. His outstanding work in those sectors, editing, writing, and directing, has made him one of the most respected persons in Hollywood Cinema.

Being a prominent photographer and cinematographer, the way Jean M Nelson can view the world from a whole different perspective and angle altogether is nothing less than magic. When we talk about the film and music industry, the competition is cut-throat. It is definitely not easy to navigate through this big ocean of an industry and make headlines and receive awards for doing exceptional work. But Nelson is a real living inspiration, a rock star in making who has the talent to bring fantasy to life.

And that is precisely what his achievements in the film and music industry portray. After losing his mother at a very early stage, Jean calls music the key to balance in life, which has helped him heal from the pain experienced. He has undergone formal training in film production and the music industry, and his talent has made him a reputable artist today.

Throughout his career, Jean has won multiple awards and accolades, and the movie he directed and produced in October 2018- “The Passion of Love,” really cemented his position as one of the most talented people in this industry. The movie won a Platinum award for the best feature film by Hollywood Film Competition in 2019. Additionally, the movie also bagged the Best Feature Film award by Hollywood Forever Film Festival in 2019. Many famous artists have inspired Jean to follow his dream of building a music career, including Michael

Jackson, Whitney Houston, Michael Bolton, Kenny G, and Brian Mcknight.

But even though Jean and his partner Natasha are coming together for their first pop and R&B album, this is not the first-ever project for the duo. The couple has worked together for a short film, “The Wonders Of The Witches,” written by Natasha herself and directed, produced, and acted in by Jean. Released in April 2021, this movie He has won an award for the 12th edition of Accord Cine Fest 2021 in the category “Best thriller short film.”

During the middle of the pandemic around March 2020, he started shooting for “The Wonders Of The Witches” producer and co-writer Natasha L Nelson. And in between April 20th to October 2021, he released his first musical single, “Hope,” a new album “Conception,” and two new Orchestra albums, “Immortal” and “Rising of the Morn.”

Between June to October 2020 and November 2021, Jean M Nelson invited his wife and long-life partner Natasha L Nelson, a talented co-writer and producer, to collaborate on a new musical project called “Unforgettable.”

Born in Jamaica, Natasha L Nelson is one of the top-tier artists, writer, and producer whose career path in the Hollywood industry has inspired many young people to share a similar dream. Natasha moved to the United States of America at a very young age. From the very beginning, she tried to venture into the world of cinematography, filmography, and music to do what she loved the most- creating beautiful stories that people will enjoy forever. She continued her struggle with hard work and focus, which is why she has dominated the entertainment niche today by becoming a famous icon in the cinema and movie industry.

Natasha Lumsden is known for her unique art pieces, the perfect combination of comedy and creativity, but that’s not all! She is blessed with a wide range of talents, and it is safe to say she is an all-rounder in the entertainment industry. From being a CEO, producer, writer, co-director, and musician, this woman has really done it all and has won multiple awards and accolades for her work.

And after working on quite a few projects with her partner Jean M. Nelson, the duo is now all set to take the world by storm with their latest pop album “Unforgettable.” During the launch of the album, Jean M Nelson stated that it was a very exciting moment for him to be sharing with the world that he and his partner Natasha are releasing their first Pop and R&B album Music together.

Jean also said, “This album is unique in so many ways and special for so many reasons, and I can’t wait to share it with the world.” Natasha and Jean M Nelson was also married on November 5th 2021, 2 weeks before the released of their

album “ Unforgettable”. Natasha L Nelson said she’s pretty excited about both the marriage and her first feature Music Album with Jean. She also shared that she still has a long way to go, and she can’t wait to share her creativity with the whole world.

Check out their latest album Unforgettable today itself on all major music platforms and let us know what you think about it!

For more information, please visit http://www.jeanmnelson.com


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