Misty Blanco The Theatrical Artist The Blaquanese Rockstar


Misty Blanco was first recognized by “The Recording Academy” as a Grammy nominee for her sound of music with her single called “Who You Talkin Too, produced by Kenny Black The Music Machine, released with Musik & Film on Sony Records distribution in 2017. Misty Blanco also was recognized as a Grammy Nominee with her single Winning Circle Ft. Rick Ross, Lingo and Righteous ft. Future Hendrix. Misty Blanco continued to develop a sound of music causing a global frenzy. Misty Blanco took over the air waves in rotation overseas charting in over 180, 000 countries on over 250,000 syndicated radio stations. On February 6, 2022 after going on a 90 day spiritual cleansing she shared on her Instagram page she finally gave a name to the new genre of music she been preparing the entertainment business for called “Melodic Bop”, she will introduce this new frequency of music with her single “Music Box”. Misty Blanco say “Melodic Box” is a combination of theatrical music, classic rock, bebop jazz and pop. “Music Box” is a single from her awaited album called “Interviews with a Goat”.

Misty Blanco is the CEO to her own Branding & Management Corporation called “The Misty TV Firm Corporation”, with Executive VP, Christina Jones & VP Ja Vonni Brustow. Misty Blanco also has her own television channel on Roku and all Smart Devices called “Misty TV” which has been rated as a 5 star channel alongside HBO & Starz. Misty Blanco new hit reality show called “The Misty TV Blaque Okane Rockfest Tour” is currently airing on her own television channel called Misty TV. “The Blaque Okane Rockfest Tour is what she calls the new genre of tv called “Reality Musical” Misty Blanco new genre of Television “Reality Musical” is quickly causing a frenzy in the world of reality TV. On February 6th, 2022 Misty Blanco introduces us to “Melodic Bop”, with her new single called “Music Box”. Misty Blanco says she is a “Theatrical Artist The Blaquanese Rockstar” in the genre of “Melodic Bop”. For inquiries for The Blaque Okane Rockfest Tour & The Grammy On The Hill Under The Golden Moon Pent House Weekend Please contact The Misty TV Firm Corporation contact: (310) 661-8247
Email: themistytvfirm@yahoo.com
IG: @themistytv
For inquiries for Misty Blanco contact: Cash Money Rich Gang Jojo Capone @jojocapone1
Misty Blanco Fan Club
99 Wall St.
NY, NY 10005
Misty Blanco IG: @mysterious_mistyblanco


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