Upcoming artist Latrell YT


St. Louis’s very own Latrell YT is an Upcoming rising artist reaching fans with his most recent Single “Never Had” his song started to gain popularity from Tik-Tok. Latrell YT is also the voice and songwriter behind some of America’s most favorite TV shows’ soundtracks. The 24 year old talent has made appearances on the soundtracks of “Love & HipHop” , “All American”, “Madden 20” & “2k 19” Latrell YT has most recently landed a sync placement with his newest popular song “Ain’t Gotta Worry” on Showtime series Power season 3. Latrell finds balance in tapping into different realms of music. Although R&B Trap appears to be his specialty, his versatility allows him to have a dynamically wide range sound. Having the background for writing for other artists, Latrell understands the structures and formulas to making commercial mainstream music for night clubs and radio, along with commercial music that caters to TV and film direction.


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